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Enterprises face unique challenges

If you’re part of an enterprise, you need broad and scalable quality management solutions that work around your unique business processes.

Security, disaster recovery, and integrations are important challenges. It’s not easy to find and implement tools that can handle and adjust to companies of this size, let alone make the switch from your existing setup.

The thought of having to migrate the sheer volume of data and workflows present in your company is almost paralyzing. Now, imagine having to do this multiple times in order to implement all the tools you require to operate at enterprise scale. It’s no wonder many large companies don’t feel confident to upgrade their systems.

Scilife can handle it


Our Enterprise-grade Quality Management Module

Our Scilife Quality Management module provides an entire enterprise with the power to create and implement any type of workflow, even on a large and multi-departmental scale. This purpose-built module is much more complex than the other ‘classic’ quality modules you can find on Scilife, but it provides enterprise-grade configurability. Customize workflows, forms, user permissions and much, much more.

Screenshot of Quality Management Module on Scilife's Platform

Robust security and total compliance

A big concern of enterprises is undoubtedly security. We’ve got you covered! We comply with OWASP guidelines, and the whole Scilife platform is pre-validated according to GAMP5. Upgrades are released with an updated validation package as well. This effectively removes about 90% of the validation cost and effort on your end during initial setup and throughout your Scilife journey.


Disaster-proof peace of mind

Scilife is a 100% cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which runs on Amazon’s AWS cloud servers. AWS is best-in-class worldwide according to Gartner, running from multiple physical locations with unbeatable security measures in place. Disaster recovery, automated backup, and scalability mechanisms are all baked into our solution. Rest assured knowing your company data is protected at all times.

Screenshot of Scilife's Platform with OWASP and AWS stamps

Guided setup and data import

Onboard your whole enterprise with personal guidance and training from our experts. As well as software implementation and validation, we’ll assist you in exporting, preparing, and importing all your relevant data. After onboarding, our dedicated support team stays by your side for the entirety of your Scilife experience.


Integrations with your existing applications

Scilife is API-driven, meaning you can easily integrate any existing application and tools you’re using. Shape the working environment your enterprise thrives in, without limitations.

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