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Scilife for SMB

Why small to medium companies choose Scilife

Make it easy for everyone to engage with quality processes
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Common hurdles faced by SMBs


SMBs typically already have a system in place to manage quality processes. It might be a paper-based system or a tool that was put in place years ago and has become outdated over time as the company evolved and the tool didn't.
For these types of companies the problem is often the change itself. Will the new system really serve our needs? Is it validated? Will it be user-friendly enough to be accepted by employees? How long will it take to implement? And what about migrating all our data to this new system?
Not having straight answers to these questions causes the necessary change to a better tool to be postponed over and over.

The Solution



A modular solution

Each module of the Scilife platform solves a specific quality concept. You decide which modules you want to implement. These modules integrate with each other to seamlessly link workflows together whenever relevant.

Low learning curve

The whole platform has mainly been built by using 3 types of screens: List screens, form screens and detail screens, and they all work exactly the same throughout the whole platform. This ensures that the new system is understood and adopted by all employees incredibly fast.

Easy setup & implementation

Our "Scilife Onboarding Process" is a systematized process which tackles the setup, training, validation and data import activities in parallel to make sure that implementation takes weeks, not months. Our Customer Success team guides you through the whole process from start to finish.


Pre-validated according to GAMP5

The Scilife platform has been fully validated on our end. We share the whole validation documentation package with you which serves as a pre-validation on your end. This takes away about 90% of the validation cost and effort on your end. Upgrades come with an updated validation package as well.

Save time to invest in
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Our all-in-one life sciences platform powers collaboration, lowers risk, boosts performance and accelerates your medical device to market
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