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Scilife for enterprise

Why enterprise companies choose Scilife

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Common hurdles faced by Enterprises

Besides the usual hurdles to acquire a new software solution like security, disaster recovery, integration with other systems and service level agreements, enterprises typically have an important challenge: volume.
The sheer volume of data which will need to be migrated makes you think twice before you attempt to acquire a better solution. Additionally, to be able to cover many different types of workflows within the system, it must provide a high level of configurability.

The Solution


Configurable workflows, forms and fields

The Quality Management module within the Scilife platform provides you with all the configurability you need to implement virtually any type of workflow you need. You can define as many different statuses as you need, link them to customized forms, configure permissions, etc. This module is much more complex than the classic quality modules the platform provides, but it provides all the configurability you expect to cover your needs.

Screenshot of Quality Management Module on Scilife's Platform

Security & compliance

Besides compliance from a security perspective according to OWASP guidelines, the Scilife platform has been fully validated on our end according to GAMP5. The validation documentation package which we provide serves as a pre-validation for your company. This takes away about 90% of the validation cost and effort on your end. Both during initial implementation as for future upgrades.


Scalability and disaster recovery is baked into the solution

The Scilife platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which runs in the Amazon AWS cloud and uses the usual cloud services to provide a highly reliable application with automated backup, disaster recovery and scalability mechanisms in place. Amazon AWS continues to be the best-in-class cloud provider worldwide according to Gartner.

Screenshot of Scilife's Platform with OWASP and AWS stamps

Implementation and data import

During our "Scilife Onboarding Process" our Customer Success team will guide you through the whole implementation, including setup, configuration and training. Additionally, our technical team will assist you to export, prepare and import all your relevant data into the Scilife platform.


Integrations with your current systems

The Scilife platform is what they call an API-driven application, which makes it easy to integrate with your existing applications.


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